NYQS Meeting, 07 August 2009

Dear Qin Friends,

After quite a caesura, we finally had our first summer meeting. It was an unusually satisfying event in a number of ways. I’ll list some highlights, and we’ll get the full details in our minutes.

• We met at the home of Ian Duncan, who has studied qin with Wu Zhongxian and Li Mingzhong. He and his musician wife Heather provided a wonderful ambience and a beautiful space.

• A number of new qin friends showed up, including Austin Woerner, Rob Voigt, Ralph Knag, Judy (Shih-hua) Yeh and Yuni Han.

• Jung-ping gave a presentation on his work in Taiwan and China. He just established the China Guqin Association in Taipei, Taiwan on December 28, 2008. He discussed emerging qin societies, his own philosophy of qin (Qin Chung Dao), his transcription work. Then he played four pieces.

• Peiyou, Mingmei, Ian, myself and others all presented qin pieces. Guest Judy (Shih-hua) Yeh played and sang the "yang quan san die" to start the meeting.

• Henry Chan did an amazing job of video-recording the performances. His first edited piece is on YouTube; and view in High Definition.

• Anne Tsou, a visiting kunqu singer, finished the evening with a short performance. We look forward to seeing her again very soon.

We'll keep you posted on the rest!

To see the meeting photo slides show, please click here.



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