NYQS Meeting, February 26, 2005

The New York Qin Society met for a most enjoyable and enlightening session on the Harp on Sunday, February 26, comprising our second meeting for the Rooster Year 2005.

First, we had the pleasure of meeting at Matthew's cozy art-filled home, where Yixing teapots, CDs, calligraphy couplets, ceramic pots and other handmade crafts all share their happy space.

Second, we were treated to the delicious buffet lunch concocted by Jeanette with cheerful generosity.

Third, Peter regaled us with the colorful history of the harp in Europe with illustrations from their rich harp bibliography.

Fourth, we heard Jung-ping and Rebecca harmonizing Youlan together, and then we heard Rebecca play solo pieces on two of the three small harps that she had brought.

Fifth, and for me the most delightful, we heard Rebecca play on both the wire-strung and gut-strung harp her own compositions for her students, a delightful suite of imaginative, witty and tuneful pieces that should become as well known as Salzedo to all harpists, and I do not exaggerate.

We look forward to hearing a CD by Rebecca that features her compositions, possibly adorned with drawings by Ming Flannery and even calligraphy by Jung-ping!! Lastly, we mounted the stairs to the uppermost listening chamber -- a cozy nest lined with treasured LPs and CDs covering the entire history of music, to listen to select examples of early harp music from Peter's disc library. In all, this was a memorable day stretching the borders of Asian music and sharpening our eyes and ears to the range of plucked instruments. Vive la Harpe!! Shuqin wan sui!! Long Live the Harp!!

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Wong Gleysteen [Wang Miaolian], Corresponding Secretary

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