New York Qin Society Agreement

1.  Overseas qin players in a desire to exchange music, finger techniques, ideas in regard to musical manuscripts, and in an effort to study Chinese traditional anthropological arts, jointly formed this society, named New York Qin Society.

2.   The name of our society is derived from the place where this society was formed, with no associations with any schools and sects.

3.   Anyone whose residence grants himself or herself convenient access to the society and loves to play and appreciate qin music can become a member of the society after participating in the society's activities three times and receives approval from the society or a recommendation from a member.

4.   Members of the society elect one president and five administrative posts - the treasurer, the secretary, the corresponding secretary, the webmaster and the photographer.
  4.1.   The President is responsible for the society's plans and the execution of the plans.
  4.2.   The Treasurer is responsible for the society's bookkeeping and expenditure of funds.
  4.3.   The secretary is responsible for recording minutes for and editing of the journal and other publications.
  4.4.   The corresponding secretary is responsible for notifying members of gatherings and news, and corresponds with other societies, organizations and friends in text.
  4.5.   The webmaster is responsible for the management and design of the website.
  4.6.   The photographer is responsible for the picture imaging and filming of the society's gatherings for the use of the society.

5.   Membership fee is $50 annually. The membership fee will be paid at the first meeting of a new year. This fee is used for dining expenses, the website and postage, or for social engagements of the society.

6.   Meetings are held every two months, unless in the case of the emergency when meetings will be requested at anytime. The place for the meetings will be held at member's homes, where he or she will serve as host, or at famous and scenic sites.

7.   Gatherings are designed for the members to discuss and to research. Aside from qin related topics, anything in the arts will be appreciated and discussed. Constant communication and friendship should be maintained with other qin societies. Also, members should also be on the look for new observations which can be shared with members during meetings.

8.   Every meeting and conference will be limited to 6 hours maximum. Unless dinner is in the plans, members are allowed to arrive late or leave early during meetings.

9.   A conference is held annually at the China Institute for the public. The goal is to promote qin dao and allow members to express themselves in their area of specialty. Aside from performing qin music, discussing the anthropological arts is an integral part of the content. The themes that can be discussed is unlimited.

10.   Every two years, a new president and new administrative posts will be elected. New plans for the society and changes to the agreement will be proposed and set. Membership fee will also be paid at this time.

11.   The agreement consists of the above ten points.


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