VOLUME 2, No.1 JOURNAL March 2001
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2001 Organizational and Administrative Issues

Date: 4 March 2001
Time: 2:00-5:00PM
Place: Qing Ming Qin Zhai 清明琴齋 (Clear & Bright Qin Studio)
Attending: Alex Chao, Stephen Dydo, Matthew Flannery, Shida Kuo, Bo Lawergren, Jung-ping Yuan
Guests: Holly Grinnell, Chang Pei-you (Judy)
Minutes: Matthew Flannery

Stephen Dydo
Next Meeting:
At our next meeting, Stephen will discuss the principles of qin construction, demonstrating with a half-built qin, which will allow him to discuss and illustrate the internal construction of the qin in detail. Stephen will also talk briefly about the gu qin tune Pu An Zhou 普庵咒 (also sometimes called Shi Tan Chang 釋談章 ). His discussion will focus on the different structures of a number of versions of the piece. Matthew will talk about several pieces both of I-xing ware and of calligraphy. Marilyn Wong Gleysteen 王妙蓮 elected a society member

The Meeting:
This meeting was devoted largely to organizational and administrative issues, these not having been dealt with since the previous spring. Before guests arrived, the membership elected Marilyn Wong Gleysteen (Wang Miaolien 王妙蓮 ) to be a member of the society.

A handsome annual compendium of the Journal for 2000
Jung-Ping handed out both recent issues of the society's Journal and a handsome annual compendium of the Journal for 2000.

The criteria for membership were reviewed. They require that a prospective member express or be asked whether they have an interest in membership, that they be recommended to the society for membership by a present member, and that they attend three meetings of the society. Then the membership may decide the question of accepting the prospective member as a society member, by secret ballot, if requested.

Send formal letters
It was agreed to send formal letters of thanks to the China Institute and the Chinese Information and Culture Center for providing us with facilities for conducting our major talks in 2000 from John Thompson, C. C. Wang, and Leon Chang.

Matthew Flannery
List of bylaws
Matthew agreed to compile a list of present bylaws into a convenient list.

New officers
Since a year has passed, new officers were needed. It was also decided that the present officers' terms should be extended two years, and that thereafter terms would be three years. Thus, Jung-Ping will remain as president, Matthew as secretary, and Stephen as Treasurer. It was, however, agree that the job of secretary will be split into two functions. Stephen agreed to become corresponding secretary as well as treasurer, while Matthew will remain Journal secretary.

Honoraria for guest speakers
There was discussion of whether we were willing to pay honoraria to guest speakers. This was not firmly decided, but it was agreed that we would be willing to cover travel expenses on a case- by-case basis. The members agreed that a society website would be desirable. There was discussion of various options, sites, and costs. Alex agreed to chair a website committee with Jung-Ping and Stephen as members. The committee will call upon other members as needed. The structure and content of the site will be reviewed with the membership after the site has been established..

The Journal
The issue of distributing the Journal was debated. It was decided to retain paper copy issues for the moment, and, in any case, to issue a paper copy annual compendium of our meeting summaries. It was also agreed that the issues should be distributed among friends of the society who attended meetings or were desirous of receiving them. It was proposed that the Journal should be posted on our website. At that point, perhaps paper copies would be issued only of the annual compendium.

How many and what kinds of meetings to hold.
There was general discussion of how many and what kinds of meetings to hold. Jung-Ping reported that the China Institute would be happy to host a major meeting of the society annually. He also said that there were considerable difficulties in holding large, public meetings more often than that. Primarily through Jung- Ping's efforts and contacts, we were successful in holding three major events last year, but it did not appear that this frequency could continue indefinitely. Venues, costs, and such other issues as liability to public suit presented problems.

Future meeting topics
Future meeting topics were sought from those present. Holly said that she could speak to qin iconography, Matthew to poetry and calligraphy, Stephen on " 普庵咒 Puan Zhou: Variations on a Theme. " In addition, several people would play the qin, or, occasionally, related instruments.

It was agreed that meetings would be held every two months
It was agreed that meetings would be held every two months, with all but one membership meetings (including interested guests). The remaining meeting would be a public event such as a concert, lecture, or seminar. Bo was put in charge of organizing this year's event, which would be a seminar with several participants including Bo on the topic of archeological issues surrounding the qin. In 2001, it was agreed that, in addition to the present meetings, additional gatherings would be held in May, July, September, and November, with the seminar in November.

Chang Pei-you (Judy), Bo Lawrengren adn Holly Grinnell
Establishing nonprofit status
Establishing nonprofit status for the society was considered. Matthew said that he could apply for an employer identification number (EIN). More elaborate forms of private nonprofit incorporation were discussed as to their expense, usefulness, and degree of paperwork. It was agreed to pursue this further, beginning by gathering more detailed information as to what is involved. Liability issues were also raised, including that of insulating the personal assets of officers from suits against the society. These issues become important in the context of holding public functions.

Sources of income for the society
Sources of income for the society may become important. The expenses of public meetings may mount, for example. Charging for the Journal was considered. In particular, creating presentation copies of the annual compendium was considered. We would charge $10 or so for each, and they could serve as gifts to guest speakers and other honorees. As to dues, charging differential dues for potential " corresponding " and full members was mentioned. It was decided to raise dues to $50 per year per member, owed to Stephen at everyone's earliest convenience. It also was decided that paying dues would be the critical indicator of continuing membership. Our treasurer, Stephen, will look into opening a checking account in the society's name.

Members: Alex Chao, Alan J. Berkowitz, Stephen Dydo, Matthew Flannery, Willow Hai, Shida Kuo, Bo Lawergren, Marilyn Wong Gleysteen, Yuan Jung-Ping

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