Reflections of Antiquity: Festival of Ancient Music from China
the Qin and the Konghou

The New York Qin Society is hosting a one-day festival of ancient music from China. A colloquium and concert will be held on Sunday, February 11, 2007, at Renee Weiler Concert Hall, Greenwich House Music School, 46 Barrow Street, NYC. The day’s events will be in two parts (Please note time change):

Colloquium: Sunday February 11, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

A discussion of Chinese music from neolithic times (mainly bone flutes and pottery drums) through the tenth century CE, briefly surveying instruments of stone, ceramic, bronze, wood and silk, recovered from major archaeological sites from the Shang, Zhou, Han, Six dynasties, Tang and Five dynasties' periods. From the fifth century BCE, the focus will be on stringed instruments, especially the qin, the seven-stringed zither of self-cultivation and scholarly pursuits, and the ancient harp known as the konghou, and their practice in the modern era. Presentations will be illustrated and performance demonstrations will be on modern replicas and antique instruments .

Concert: Sunday February 11, start at 6:00 pm

Performance will feature ancient music for the qin zither and for the konghou harp in addition to traditional pieces from the classic eras.

A reception will follow the Colloquium. Admission is free. Suggested donation ($15 for adult, $10 for senior citizen and student). For further information, call (888) 414-SING or email: [email protected]

The qin (pronounced “chin”; also guqin, “ancient qin”) is a seven-stringed zither associated since the time of Confucius with self-cultivation, literature and philosophy and the visual arts of calligraphy and painting. . Unfamiliar to Westerners, it is even little known in the East, even though its performance tradition dates back to China’s classic era. Music for the qin has been transmitted to us partly by oral tradition and through preservation of tablature in printed manuals. Playing the qin requires mastery of a unique notation in use for over a millennium. 

The New York Qin Society is the only East Coast organization devoted to the qin. NYQS was formed in 2000 by a group of musicians, artists, writers and Sinologists to explore and enjoy the music and culture of the qin. Although its initial focus was for the enjoyment and education of its members, NYQS began to give public events in 2001. Since then, it has held performances in various venues on the East Coast. The February 11th performance continues a partnership with Greenwich House Music School (website at ), which has been serving New Yorkers since 1905.

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拊絲懷古:來自中國的古樂 -- 古琴與箜篌

紐約琴社將於二00七年二月十一日,星期日,下午三點,在曼哈頓Greenwich House音樂學院的Renee Weiler 音樂廳 (46 Barrow Street, NYC) 舉辦一場 ”來自中國的古樂--古琴與箜篌”之音樂講座與演奏. (請注意時間有所更改) 時間是:音樂講座由下午三點到五點. 音樂演奏開始於下午六點. 講座之後備有茶點. 均為免費入場並歡迎自由贊助. 預約及詳情請電(888)414-7464或 電子郵箱: [email protected]

音樂講座: Sunday February 11, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

講座內容將會探討從新石器時期(如骨笛與陶鼓)到第十世紀之中國音樂,含概商,周,漢,六朝,唐,以及五代等時期之重要考古所發現的石,陶,青銅,木及絲等樂器. 從公元前五世紀開始,會著重在弦樂器的探討. 特別是中國文人修身養性的古琴(七弦琴), 以及古豎琴-箜篌. 並會提到她們對於近代音樂之應用. 屆時會輔助有圖片說明及現場演奏示範.

音樂演奏: Sunday February 11, start at 6:00 pm

演奏部份將會由數位紐約琴社資深會員:葉明媚女士,唐世璋先生,張培幼女士,王妙蓮女士,現任會長戴德先生以及紐約琴社創辦人袁中平先生等演奏古琴. 另特別邀請來自日本的 Tomoko Sugawara 小姐演奏箜篌.

紐約琴社,是目前美東唯一的古琴文化組織, 由一群音樂家,藝術家,作家,及漢學家共同創立於2000年. 雖然其創立初衷原為教育及社員間的雅集,但自2001年起,紐約琴社開始舉辦公開的音樂會及相關文化講座於美東各地. 二月十一日的中國古樂講座是紐約琴社與成立自1905年的Greenwich House音樂學院再度合作.

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