NYQS at NYU, 10 November 2007

The New York Qin Society had its November meeting at NYU's Kimmel center on Nov 10th 2007 from 2:30 to 5:00 pm .

Members attending were:

Peiyou Chang
Stephen Dydo
Matthew Flannery
Bo Lawergren
Peter Reis
Elaine Sheng
Ming-Mei Yip

Guests were:

Jennie B.
Stephen Bourne
Jay Casey
William Chen
Carol Liu
John Myers
Bill Van Steveninck
Tomoko Sugawara

Costume designed by Peiyou Chang.
The program included a screening of a new short film by qin player and NYU graduate film student Carol Liu.

The film, WHEN SNOW FALLS, describes how a father and daughter are connected through several lifetimes by the music of the qin--

When a woman returns home from a business trip, she finds a mysterious package at her door. What she discovers inside recalls memories and stories from another time and place, conjured by a melody of the ancient qin.

NYQS member and qin teacher Ms. Peiyou Chang contributed to the art direction and costume design of the production. A recording of her performance of Three Variations of the Plum Blossom is also featured in the film.

The meeting also included performances by NYQS members: (Photos by Bo Lawergren)

Mingmei: Liushui (Flowing Water), Queqiao xian (Immortal of the Magpie Bridge), Meihua.

Stephen: Pingsha, Kongzhi Duyi (Confucius Reading the Book of Change)

Peiyou: Caizhen you

William Chen, John Myers, Ming-Mei Yip and Bill Van Steveninck.

Tomoko Sugawara

In April 09 2008, it was announced at the opening ceremonies of the First Run Film Festival 2008 that the film, WHEN SNOW FALLS, has garnered the Nestor Almendros Award for Excellence in Cinematography. It is a very special recognition. In addition, this film has received a Commendation for Sound Recording.

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