NYQS Meeting, 06 January 2007

Stephen Dydo, Bo Lawergren and John Thompson.

On Saturday afternoon of January 6, 2007, the Society held a meeting at one of a member's apartment in NYC.

Members attending were Chang Pei-you, Stephen Dydo, John Thompson, Bo Lawergren, Yip Mingmei and Elaine Sheng. In addition, Elaine's fiance Sam Jamier, and John's wife Suzanne Smith and John's sister Sally Thompson joined us.

The main focus of the meeting was on developing a schedule of events for our February 11 colloquium and concert. (The program itself is available elsewhere on this site.) This occupied the bulk of the meeting until a break for refreshments. This was followed by qin performances:

John played his reconstruction of Jieshidiao You Lan. He recently recorded it for his website. The recording is linked with his introduction to the piece and also under his recordings page, Listen to Qin Music.

Mingmei played three of her own compositions, the first two of which were qin songs. She sang the voice part herself. The first piece was Dao Ke Dao (from the first chapter of Laozi's Dao De Jing). The second, also one of her vocal compositions, was Immortal of the Magpie Bridge. The third piece was Evening Cry of the Raven, from the qin tablature of Shenqi Mipu.

Peiyou played and sang two settings of two different poems with the same title, Qiu Feng Ci, or Ode to Autumn Wind. The first was by the Han emperor Wu Di, and the second by Li Bai. Lyrics and music piece can be seen at her website.

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